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At sixteen I received a gift that changed my life. That gift was a book A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes by Stephen Hawking.  At that time I was a student in Economics, but the impact that book had on my character was so deep that seven years later I found myself with a PhD in Physics!

I worked as a Researcher during my PhD years and cooperate with several Worldwide Universities. The main topic field I was involved as a researcher was in Doubly Special Relativity. A new relativistic Theory where in addition to the c constant postulates a second fundamental constant in nature: the Planck Length (Lp). As a result, at high energy near to the Planck Energy (1/Lp), Doubly Special Relativity diverges from Einstein Special Relativity and photons can acquire an energy dependence in speed (they can rule faster than c!). The implications are huge and promise to solve some Cosmological paradoxes such as the cosmic microwave background radiation paradox.

Here is the list of my publications.

Now I work in Renewable Energy industry (see my linkedin profile for a comprehensive list of the things I deal with), but I never lost the passion for Science. This is why I decided to start this blog where to discuss and To care the topics and interests I have in Science and Technology.

You are invited! So do not be shy and comment, ask and cooperate with me.

I accept guest posts on this blog. Ask and I will revise any proposal.

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