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NASA, MSGI Partner for Solar Energy and Nanotechnology

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration ("NASA") and MSGI Security
Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: MSGI) today announced under the terms of two Space Act
Agreements, it will partner with MSGI, to advance solar cell technology and
develop nano-chemical sensors. The solar cells will use semiconductor materials
instead of silicon crystals and prepare them in a nanostructured form for
greater efficiency. NASA and MSGI also will use nanotechnology and carbon-based
chemical sensing to detect gas and organic vapors found in human breath.

NASA developed these two revolutionary nanotechnologies that now have promising
alternative applications. Solar cells that powered space missions now may
compete with conventional electricity as an energy source. An electronic
sniffing sensor, used to monitor the air onboard the Space Shuttle, may be used
for medical diagnoses and environmental monitoring.

"Silicon crystalline solar technology has limitations that this new
nanostructured form and semiconductor technology will surpass," said Meyya
Meyyappan, chief scientist for exploration technology and director of the Center
for Nanotechnology at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. "This
has led NASA to investigate novel materials, substrates and production
techniques with the goal of becoming more efficient while achieving lower
production costs."

MSGI recently announced that its subsidiary companies will co-develop and
commercialize these technologies. Andromeda Energy Inc., will focus on scalable
renewable energy solutions that cost less per watt than conventional energy

"We are committed to establishing a solar platform in Northern California, which
will create new jobs and help stimulate the local economy, while reducing our
dependence on traditional energy sources," said Jeremy Barbera, chairman and
chief executive officer of MSGI Security Solutions, Inc.

Nanobeak Inc., is a nanotechnology company that develops carbon nanotube-based
chemical sensing devices. It will soon launch its first prototype, derived from
NASA technology, which is a handheld sensor that can detect diabetes. The device
will measure specific signatures for diabetes by simply breathing into a
personal handheld device. This will help eliminate expensive laboratory tests
and inconvenient trips to the laboratory facility.

"This product will provide a simple, non-invasive test to save lives by
providing early diabetes detection," said Barbera. "More than fifty percent of
all people who have diabetes are unaware of that fact."

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