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The New Technologies Expected by 2020

The upcoming technology in the near future are amazing. In the next overview I will show you, according to, what are the main technological innovations expected in the near future. All the innovations listed below has been argued to be effective by the end of 2020. But just a few would be alive the other will remain only proposals! Anyway this is a great way to imagine how will be our tech-future.

Japanese Lunar Base

Japan, as it is well known, is always one step ahead especially in technology and robotics. Japan has an ambitious program to build a robotic Moon base designed for Robots. At the moment no other country can pursue some similar ambitious program. Unfortunately the Fukushima disaster has focused all the Country efforts to repair the devastated area and to solve nuclear emergency. The lunar base program could be delayed. But why a lunar base of robots for robots? In a next post I will talk about the extraction of Helio-3 from the rich of lunar rocks and everything will be clear!

Superfast rail Trein between London and Beijing

China is preparing to become the largest World Reference Economy. Chinese
have therefore planned to build a high-tech railway line linking London to Beijing. China will pay the construction costs but in change China asks to keep all the waste minerals extracted from the works in all the countries involved. The plan seems to be feasible but I see very complicated to find a satisfactory agreement between the 17 countries involved.
We'll see!

Cars with autopilot

The possibility that Cars will auto-drive is one of the innovation Technologies most pursued by many companies that deal with development software worldwide. Surely it would be a great comfort by most of the drivers who travel and at the same time would relax or work. I personally love to drive and therefore only in extreme or urgent case I will use a similar technology, but an autopilot would be truly a global breakthrough.

But what are the critical points? You should develop a network of communication between cars in order they do not interfere in different ways and maintain satisfactory security standard. As travelers know well the wireless infrastructure is currently unsatisfactory even for our computer!
2020, I think it is a date too much optimistic for this Technological to became real!

Biofuels at costs competitive with fossil fuels

Biofuels I believe are not a future technological innovation, it is a technology already competitive Today. For this technology we enters the field of Geopolitics. On one hand the countries largest consumer of fossil fuels do not want to depend too much from Middle Eastern countries, on the other Big Oil companies (the famous seven sisters) do not want to lose their political and economical power. But there are countries, such as Brazil, which already use biofuels from years along with traditional fuels for cars moving on their own territory.

Flying Cars

Even this would be a real revolution and would change the quality of everyday life. Think to the traffic of the most World's big capitals. It is also true that the profession of the flight controllers would become more frequent and complicated! I believe that at present this technology is still far from becoming reality. We need to develop magnetic motors that works by levitation before.

Control of tools by Brainwaves

The ability to control computers, doors, washing machines etc. .. through brainwaves and then "telepathically" has always been the dream of every man. It is the way in which this goal could be achieved through the implantation of microchips under the skin, which is under discussion. Unfortunately, I think we are still far from such a result. We have not yet clear vision of how to operate the electro-chemical interactions between neurons to be interpreted by microchips. We'll see!

Screens with OLED technology

However these technologies have a maturity level that we can expect in the near future all the screens will be thin and rolling up mainly with many touch properties. We are not far from a revolution in this sense.

Other Technological Innovations

Other revolutionary ideas that can improve the quality of life or provide opportunity to benefit from opportunities unknown to those people who have lived before may be: able to travel through space by means of private companies, low cost computer with capacity to operate similar to our brain, capacity of simultaneous translation from any language, glasses with enlarged reality and possibility to give information on objects you are viewing, the membranes can play typical behavior of the brain, thoughts, etc.....

The future is upon us. We'll see which of these technological innovations above descripted will be realized by 2020, or sooner or later. Certainly the future often exceeds all our expectations.

Innovation technology, you know, is often generated by random discoveries.


  1. Very nice blog. I am interested in technology of the future as well. Technological advancements seem to be more of doomsayers than notions of a brighter future, however.

  2. Hi, thank you for coming and posting on my blog. Of course technological advances will certainly not make man into God but however They allow us to do somethings that were impossible years ago. For example 200 years ago I would never know you but today I can.



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