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The History of Religion for Dummies. Jesus Christ explained and other mysteries of the Modern Era

The History of Religion has always been a fascinating subject. The Genesis of Judaism, Christianity and the Myth of Jesus Christ. Also is worth to mention the other religions spread among every people on Earth.

If we look to our Ancestors, the first Men who began to question their own existence, with the lack of information and knowledge at that era, how could they interpret life on Earth?

Our ancestors looked to sky, to atmospheric phenomena and to the cycle of the seasons. Gradually they came to build a mythology that has permeated all human populations thus combining the constituent traits.

So in the end we came to Jesus Christ the God made ​​man, born form a Virgin, followed by 12 Apostles, who died on the Cross and Risen after 3 days. This is the essence of Christianity, but metaphorically it is also the gist of the annual cycle of the Sun!!

Below there is a shocking film, Zeitgeist, which I recommend you look at, where the similarities are explored in detail.

The film is in not only treating the theme of religion but also the Conspiracies theories, and in particular:

  • conspiracy theories of September the 11th
  • conspiracy theories on the Federal Reserve Bank

Enjoy! And let me know what you think


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