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New iPhone Coming on September the 10th

The last rumors announce the future of the Apple new devices, including the new iPhone seems
particularly well-defined and a date: the 10th of September. According to rumors the day should be the one when Apple will unveil to the world the new iPhone. Indeed, the new iPhones, because the models should be two. A top-range to replace the iPhone 5, which should be called iPhone 5s, with the iPhone 5 that would still remain in the price-list. And another low-cost, with plastic chassis, which technical features would be not so different from the current iPhone 5. The new low cost iPhone name would be 5c. "C" stays for "color" because the model should have colored variants, red, yellow and green in addition to the traditional black and white.

Both smartphones would have the new operating system iOS7, which suggests that if the announcement will really on September 10th to see the models in the shops during the last week of September.

The iPhone use of Fingerprints

But the one on which many internal sources seem to converge in the last hour seems like a radical reinvention of the physical key "home," which could not be more concave and convex but become reinforced with sapphire crystal to incorporate (and protect) a fingerprint sensor newly designed, developed together with AuthenTec, a company specializing in the field and detected by Apple for $ 365 million - an important value, which can be read in only one way: the technology from AuthenTec is exclusive, works differently from others and it can allow the perspective to Apple to have unique products on the market.

Not only user authentication then, but the ability to interpret a variety of information related to the fingerprints and the characteristics of the skin and body. A sort of extension of the touch screen, able to figure out who and how it is pressing that key, using the correct finger, and more.

An example: for each finger may be assigned an app or behavior. Pressing home with the middle instead of the index, instead of returning to the home screen maybe you can launch Siri or camera. And all the various possible shades with double or prolonged pressure. Of course it is just analysis, assumptions and rumors. It could reinforce the statement several times announced by the CEO of Apple Tim Cook: Important news about the Apple products will arrive this year!

There is also a line of information that describes the iPhone 5s a simple evolution of the technology, and not a generational leap as that one would result from a biometric technology. But among the rumors  there is a date. It is not so far away.

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