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IgNobel consigned at Harward

Created in 1991 by the magazine ' Annals of improbable research ' , the IgNobel are delivered annually by genuine Nobel Laureates at a ceremony that takes place at Harvard University. This year there was also the Peace Prize, awarded jointly to the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko , for having declared illegal applaud in public, and the to the Belarusian Police for having " arrested a man with one arm applauding ".

For Security Engineering the prize went to an American researcher, Gustavo Pizzo , who invented a system to trap the would-be hijackers aircraft, shut them up in a package and send them directly into the hands of the Police. A team from Great Britain, Netherlands and Canada was awarded for a study on  Probability Calculus which established that the longer it takes for a Cow to lie down, so it is more likely to rise quickly standing up, researchers also found that once the Cow gets up , it is highly unlikely to be able to predict when the Cow will lie down again.

The Prize for Physics went to a group of researchers also made up of Italian (Alberto Minetti , Nadia Dominici , Francesco Lacquaniti and Germana Cappellini) who have discovered that people would be able to run on the surface of a lake, only if those people and the lake were on the Moon. A joint award in Biology and Astronomy went to an international team (Sweden , Australia, Germany and the UK) , who found that when the beetles lose their way they can easily go back home looking at the Milky Way. A team of Japanese and German researchers has addressed the age-old question of why onions make us cry and found simply that the biochemical process is " more complicated than previously thought."

The award for Psychology went instead to a French study on Drunk people, who confirmed that they believe when they are Drunk to be more attractive.

One of the most bizarre award was the one to 'public health ' , It went to some Thai doctors who have developed a methodology to treat people who have suffered the amputation of the penis.

The winners , who come to Harvard at its own expense, had 60 seconds of time for the speech.


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