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Mitchell, The Silence on UFO must End

Edgar Mitchell says The Silence on UFO must end. He was the sixth of a total of twelve Astronauts Apollo 14 mission.
who walked on the Moon. He took part of the

Mitchell was in the Space, saw it and told it. Like his colleagues. But He is the only one who speaks without particular problems of the UFO phenomenon. However, He says he never had direct experiences. But He professes himself "very prepared on the subject."

Mitchell is 82 years old. He had a long career as a pilot in the U.S. army, as aeronautical engineer. He has received important awards. He had something to do with the Roswell case: "I was contacted by people connected to the observers of the original facts, such as the person who delivered the coffins of tiny size to contain the bodies of aliens recovered."

Mitchell does not seem to be afraid to use words that in the NASA environments are not always easy to pronounce. UFOs, aliens, Roswell. Topics liquidated easily, perhaps too much. And also why they raise doubts of observers in the UFO community also means the acronym NASA = Never A Straight Answer!

On the Roswell case, Mitchell believes that its military contacts tell the truth when they talk about aliens. And, he tells Bloomberg regarding the alleged cover the news of a UFO incident, "I believe that initially the justification was that the people were not ready to that kind of news. But we are long past that point." The silence of those who know, if it exists someone who knows, it must end. He speaks just while the news that according to a group of Scottish Mathematicians 'self-replicating' alien probes might have already explored our solar system and could be on our planet, even though they are invisible to our technology.

But if someone is silent, why? The answer is always the same: Money. Mitchell explains: "It's my  personal opinion: I remember what President Eisenhower said in his final speech: "beware of the military industrial structure".  I believe that this is the crux of the issue." The Astronaut then specifies: "But we must not reduce the issue to the military, there are a number of organizations that are moving in this direction to ensure profits. We invented the airplane in the early twentieth century, twenty 'years later we had aviation industry. Think about what this might mean compared to space travel, if we had control of the technology behind UFOs. Think about the amount of money that revolves around this issue. "

And then, according to Mitchell, everything gets covered. But, says the Astronaut research can not be stopped: "We must continue to develop technologies to bring humanity on other planets, but it must be a worldwide effort because no country can do it alone. Nations will need to be able to traverse space because sooner or later we will have to go away from this planet, the sun sooner or later will end its life cycle. And to survive, we must learn to travel beyond the Moon.

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